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Financial Literacy

Educating all in Financial Education for Advancement of Society

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Section 10(6) of the Companies Act prohibits companies limited by guarantee from carrying on business for purposes of making a profit for its members. The annual budget is reviewed every year in December. The new budget for the following financial year is to be coordinated and approved. This has to be done in line with the 2020- 2024 strategic plan.The sources of Finance includes Grants, Subscriptions, endowments etc.

 Financial Education Management


The Foundation has carried out a research on how best to improve data depth, consistency, quality and accessibility to our activities and programs. The digitals tools, Web designs, portals that are online application and able to manage formal communications with the organisation are needed and vital toproduce timely reports on funding, donations, operational costs, analytical reports, graphs and decision trees as well as what if analysis.

Strategic Partnership & Business consulting


Our local partners and collaborators include the Ministry of Finance, Bank of Zambia (BOZ), Ministry of Home of Affairs, Zambia Correctional Service (ZCS), Pension and Insurance Authority (PIA), Zambia Development Agency (PIA), Auditor General’s Office, Patent and Company Registration Agency (PACRA) and Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA). Further partnership is being sort with the Ministry of General Education with over ten thousand schools, Ministry of High Education, Higher Education Authority regulators of over thirty (30) Universities,Technical Education, Vocation and Entrepreneurship Authority ( TEVETA), Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Lusaka Stock Exchange (LUSE), Financial Intelligence Centre(FIC) and Mining Houses..


To be a foundation of choice in the provision of financial literacy and education to all.




To help the government in its mandate to make financial capabilities of its citizenry and reduce financial exclusion, but champion financial inclusion that foster stability in financial products and services uptake by all.


Emmanuel Kangwa

Director of finance and Administration

Mr. Kangwa who has been working for more than 10 years in the field of Finance and Administration has worked both the public and private sector experience. His work include Resource mobilization, Financial reporting, Tax planning and managing Statutory obligations.

Augustine Phiri

.Director of Project and Implementation

Mr. Phiri has been in the business circle since 2005 where he has developed an understanding of how street business can be grown from scraatch to small to medium and/or large size through disciplined financial understanding and application. His business knowledge is all for all to tap-in.

Mercy Musa

 Program Manager.

Mercy is an accountant by profession who has worked in both the private and public institutions. Her work has been largely in formulating and implementing financial policies in the education sector and many other wings of the government.

Her passion is in Human development through financial education.

Mulenga G. Chansa

Director of Health and Social Welfare

Mr. Chansa is a General Health expert been worked for the more than 10 years in government. His passion has always been to redeem humanity from disease and poverty.  At All Nations are Families Foundation, He has continued with His passion of mentoring on the importance of health in business management and general welbeing.

Our services


In Financial Literacy, we are offering

  1. Insurance planning,
  2. Risk management,
  3. Savings, Tax planning, Legacy or Charitable planning,
  4. Retirement planning,
  5. Portfolio Management,
  6. Cash flow analysis, and
  7. Debt management.

Our Core Functions


The organization’s core functions include the following:

  • To help in the re-integration process of inmates and ex-inmates into society through social and financial education, business development and entrepreneurial skills training.

  • Enhance the implementation of the National Strategy on Financial Education for Zambia (NSFE II) and National Financial Education Inclusion (NFEI) Policy 2017- 2030.

  • Set up and monitor financial education fun clubs of inmates at over thirty (30) Correctional facilities.

  • Set up and run business desks at Prisons to capture rehabilitated inmates interested in opening up businesses.

  • Revamp and restock Prison libraries.

Empower the orphaned, vulnerable children, youths, women and men through training and business talks in the community.

Strategic Goals


In line with its vision and mission, the Foundation has identified the following goals in its 2020- 2024 strategic plan:

  • To at least re-integrate a target of 1,500 inmates making re-entry to society by 2024.
  • To promote social, financial literacy and education to over hundred (100) Correctional facilities in Zambia.
  • To develop and partner with other strategic partners in the quest to achieve quality financial education, reduce inequality, discrimination and exclusion of inmates however promote good empowerment and safe communities for all humanity.

This would enable the organisation to be able to meet sustainable Development Goals (SDG) number 1, 4, 10, 16 and 17